Appetisers & Light dishes

Spinach pie

on the grill made with homemade olive oil filo, served with yoghurt flavored with charred spring onions


of white fish (catch of the day), marinated with greek salad ‘water’, Paxiot olive oil, fresh oregano and sea urchin eggs

Beef fillet tartar

filled with rooster ‘pastitsada’, graviera cheese foam, Greek coffee powder & herb oil


Greek salad

baby tomatoes, pickled cucumber, carob rusk, balsamic vinegar vinaigrette & spicy feta cheese

Green salad

baby leaves, smoked pork, fig puree, graviera cheese flakes & thyme vinaigrette

“Athinaiki” salad

steamed white fish, olive-oil mayo, crunchy vegetables & mullet bottarga

Tabbouleh salad

marinated in lemon juice, with fresh tomato and grilled seasonal vegetables

Fish & Seafood

White fish fillet (catch of the day)

on baked potato foam, onions ‘giahni’, plum mayo, anchovy mayo and onion broth


on bio orzo, cooked in a fish broth with tomato, onion and olive sauce

Meat Dishes

Beef fillet

topped with a porcini mushroom crust, served with aubergine ‘imam’ & garlic puree

Iberico pork fillet

slow-cooked for 12 hours, with beurre noisette potato puree and purple baby carrots

Chicken breast fillet

with lemon fava, warm feta cheese panacotta, tomato paste and caramelized onions

Vegetarian Dishes

Risotto “a la polita”

with artichoke cream, snow peas and baby carrots


Caramel brulee

green apple compote, Hendrick ‘s gin granita, brown sugar meringues and cinnamon crumb

Chocolate mousse delice

filled with orange chocolate ganache, on a felleuntine biscuit base served with vanilla ice cream