Appetisers & Light dishes

Steamed fresh mussels

with white wine, fresh tomato, coriander and ginger.

Prawn Saganaki on brioch,

flavoured with mastika liqueur, in a bisque sauce and Corfiot feta

Octopus Carpaccio

with caper leaves and fennel, drizzled with orange vinaigrette.

Beef Carpaccio

with fennel, capers, aged Graviera cheese with truffle pieces, baby rocket
leaves and a mustard & apple vinegar vinaigrette.

Steamed local greens

topped with a poached egg, with pine nuts and black truffle οil.

Homemade spinach pie

with quinoa and feta mousse

Meatballs in a herb crust

with mint, ouzo, cinnamon and a yoghurt sauce.

Grilled octopus with fava

caper chutney and tomato pesto.


Greek Garden

with cucumber, green pepper, spring onion, tomato, black olives, feta, fresh local oregano, and an olive oil based vinaigrette.

Green salad

with baby leaves, marinated feta cheese and vinaigrette of black sesame seeds.

Fresh mix salad

with sheeps cheese, quinoa, granola with cranberries, digestive biscuit sand
and citrus fruit vinaigrette.

Exotic salad

with prawns, avocado, mango, peach cucumber and sweet chilli dressing.

Marinated fresh salmon fillet

carrot, fennel, avocado, orange and a citrus dressing.

Fish & Seafood

Seafood risotto

with prawns, mussels and clams in a bisque sauce.

Seabass fillet

with vermouth sauce, zucchini puree, cucumber carpaccio marinated with mint.

Black tiger prawns

with linguini in a homemade tomato bisque.

Tuna Fillet pan fried

with a panco crust and couscous with capers.

Meat Dishes

Fillet steak

with carrot puree and mushroom sauce, with baby oven potatoes.

Chicken Breast

with potato risotto and chips made from seasonal greens.

Pork tenderloin

in a honey sauce flavored with fresh thyme and seasonal vegetables.

Lamb shank

slow cooked in the oven with tomato sauce, local herbs, vegetables and carrot

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegan Linguini

with cherry tomatoes, fennel, rocket leaves and spaghetti vegetables.

Mushroom Risotto

with three grains and a variety of five mushrooms, with aged graviera cheese
with truffle.

Kids menu

Chicken Fillet pieces

fmarinated in yoghurt with mayonnaise and French fries.

Linguini Bolognese

Classic Burger

Linguini with butter

Linguini with tomato sauce



made with roughly chopped nuts, scented with ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped into buttered crispy kataifi dough.


with crumbled cinnamon biscuit and red fruit sauce.

Chocolate bar with biscuit in chocolate soup

with honeycomb, raspberries, and butterscotch with
vanilla ice-cream flavoured with sage.


with a syrup of orange and kumquat.

Walnut pie

scented with the aromas and blends of cinnamon and
grounded clove.

Chocolate cake